Psalm 27:1a - Resolve - Matt Aluminium Print


Image of Psalm 27:1a - Resolve - Matt Aluminium Print

'The Lord is my Light and my Salvation!'

That was how King David put it when he contemplated his bleak prospects in the caves of Adullam.
As a fugitive on the run from the then insanely paranoid King Saul, David would find refuge in the stronghold mountain cave networks of Adullam. The impenetrable darkness of the caves would protect him, until God instructs David that it was time to leave.
As David approaches the opening of the cave and bright shafts of light blind him, he must have uttered those words. The darkness of the caves were never really his salvation... it was the bright effervescent shafts of light of the Lord.

And so David finds his way back home; it's not too different to the weary driver going back home to his/her family. Caught in the storms of life that besiege you on the lonely highway.
Suddenly, the car brakes down and you don't fancy your chances... in the cold wet darkness that pervades... you utter those words, 'The Lord is my Light and my Salvation'.

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