Ps 27:8 U Call : I Answer - Rust - Matt Aluminium Print


Image of Ps 27:8 U Call : I Answer - Rust - Matt Aluminium Print

Psalm 27:8

U Call : I Answer series. Rust version.

It's about how the human heart responds to the challenges of life... to the sound of the voice of that silent voice. Are we embittered by what life throws at us? Or do we flourish like the tree planted by streams of water? Like the the heart, life is pumped into our hearts through one ventricle; our heart responds through the other ventricle.
Do we spawn, thorns, nettles and weeds, or will God find a boon of sweet smelling flowers; the fragrance of humility, perseverance and integrity?

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The standard delivery time for this product is: 7 - 10 working days.